You Can Now Use Your Google and Facebook Accounts To Login Into Adposta

You Can Now Use Your Google and Facebook Accounts To Login Into Adposta

Users can log in to with Google Account or Facebook.

AdPosta has integrated these two log-in options to streamline the login process for Users.

Logging on to AdPosta via Google Account or Facebook will help Users bypass the conventional log-in procedures on the site i.e. entering separate username and password login details.
Simplifying the login process via these alternative log-in options means it’s one less step, and therefore, one less password for Users to remember.

The main benefit for businesses who log in to AdPosta through their existing Google or Facebook accounts is it minimizes the hassles with managing multiple accounts across various sites. All ads can be created, amended, shared, and/or deleted directly on AdPosta.

Furthermore, linking either method of log-in on AdPosta will, in addition, enable Users to share ads cohesively and simultaneously across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

A final important note:
This written post is not sponsored nor an endorsement of any particular business that may have been highlighted above. AdPosta has the utmost regard for personal data security. Under no circumstances does AdPosta store or share User data details and activity.